Let’s get this party started…

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Bio:  I’m Courtney.  I’m 28 years old.  I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart, Luke, for 8 years, and we’ve been together for 14 years – half of my life (insane) – and he’s a police officer.  We have 4 beautiful children – 2 girls and 2 boys – Haven, Parker, Asa, and Ezra.  I am a stay-at-home mom.  I grew up a lover of books and at around the age of 6 my parents bought a Christian bookstore that we owned for 17 years.  My dad read to me every night when he put me to sleep and I looked forward to those times.  It wasn’t until closer to high school that I discovered I loved to read myself – before that I was a rambunctious part-tomboy, part-princess who played outside barefoot until the streetlights came on and watched a lot of Disney movies.  When I grew up and slowed down a bit I picked up the first in a series of mystery novels at the suggestion of my best friend and I would read it every night before bed.  I whizzed through that series followed by a lot of other series that I found through my family’s bookstore or that my dad would send me ranging from Christian fiction to weird teen fiction.  I’ve never been a fan of non-fiction except for a good memoir or autobiography every once in a while.  It’s fun to hear about other’s experiences, especially ones you are very likely to never experience yourself.  In my 20’s I’ve become a devoted member of a few different fandoms, from “Harry Potter” to “Twilight” to “Hunger Games”, etc.  One of my very favorite hobbies being to see a book I’ve read brought to life through cinema.

My life has become very structured and scheduled in the past few years since my oldest daughter started school, which is great but can easily suck the spontaneity out of your life and oftentimes leaves you in a big rut.  I gave up consistently reading for a while just because in my mind I had so little time, but I realized that without that time I go a little bit crazy – I require that creative outlet – I NEED to daydream.  So I made a commitment to start reading consistently again this year, and here I will review what I read, along with any others in the past that I read and loved and just want to tell you about.  Hope you have as much fun with this as I do.  And OFF WE GO!